1. It may be considered that way by some pretentious folk, but you do you, OP. Tudor make some amazing watches. Buy what you like and what you’d enjoy wearing.

  2. On so many occasions I have been so close to adding a blue Pelagos to my collection. Just a cool watch with a very nice (different) blue. But then again I have thought about the black dial and back to square one of indecisiveness.

  3. Haha if it helps any I found the blue to be surprisingly versatile..

  4. BLNR is the big bro IMO. Where did you get those service pouches?

  5. I guess I was lucky that when I asked, they had one they didn’t mind giving me when I bought the watches

  6. Looks awesome man. Glad you got it on that strap as well. I saw one on the nato strap and obviously you couldn’t see the case back!

  7. Great review. Been one of my favourites.

  8. Proper Sean Connery vibes with the leather strap

  9. Balvenie portwood 21 the highlight of the week this week

  10. Not sure if I am young or not but I was gifted a bottle of Glenmorangie original, for coaching a football team. At first I hated the taste of it, but I persisted and it really grew on me. Since then I have discovered my mum, and separately, father in law, are both partial to the odd dram, and so we have bonded over trying many different varieties and brands of Scotch.

  11. This is my favourite whiskey at the moment. Cheers!

  12. Been loving wearing mine for about 4 months now. Great watch

  13. I do love that black one. I very nearly bought it but went for a Pelagos (Blue) instead. Black is always more versatile but it is fun having some different colours to mix it up with. The burgundy ones look really cool as well. So basically I haven’t helped you at all and I don’t know what the answer is!!

  14. I think he looks bug eyed so mabye something to do with that.

  15. I have this exact model! 5 minutes after completing it my 2 year old sat on it. Smashing it to bits.

  16. Damn that’s annoying! I bet those were a good 5 mins tho...

  17. I just finished mine recently and I love it what are ur thoughts on it

  18. Really thought it was great fun putting it together. The quality of all of the pieces and the finished product is far beyond my expectations... now trying to resist the urge to do another one

  19. This was my favourite Scotch when I first started trying out different ones. I should pick up another bottle soon

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