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  1. Lol but it doesn’t work for me. I decreased the budgets drastically since the last ios update. Facebook/Instagram are not the main channels anymore.

  2. Google as always, tiktok for cheap traffic and a respectable amount of influencer marketing

  3. $3 is expensive - so is the shipping rate for <1oz. However, with less than 100 orders per month you should really be fulfilling yourself. A cheap label printer and Pirateship for USPS commercial discounts with USPS daily pickups should be easy enough at that volume.

  4. You're paying too much for sure, but Amazon can be tricky because you'll never get a human to human interaction with them.

  5. Gotcha. I have a feeling that the FB structure itself isn't too important. Yes, it's important to use purchase-conversion campaign. But my broad (no interest) audience seems to be working even so.

  6. But at the end of the day, FB is still king for ecommerce.

  7. In terms of structure, do you think it's necessary to put in at least 5 ads in your adset?

  8. IMO, it depends on your daily budget.

  9. Having the same issues right now. Wow using until after July 4 to see if it gets better

  10. Same, 100%. Was starting to think iOS14 might not live up to the hype, then June happened. Definitely noticing increased CPMs across the board

  11. June’s been super bad. Experimenting with other channel and it’s just the same to find customers

  12. Are you confident in your price competitiveness? Are you confident in the landing page? Just a few questions to ask yourself. Shopping really comes down to the price point, the product images, and a landing page that can “close” the sale

  13. I can convert very well with FB traffics. But lately, it's been tough to draw any traffic from them. CPM is $70 and they're struggling to track any conversions event.

  14. Good to see Facebook works well for you. It’s inconsistent for us. Yes, phrase match is great on bing

  15. You have to test into this. Literally everything is different. IMHO, start off by doing Google Shopping ads. This is going to give you some good data: impressions and click and just general potential desire of your products. Just start off with $10 a day and let Google run through your feed. Then let it run and watch it. If you have sought after categories of products, start some search keyword ads and let that grow. Then you can start to see where your product base can grow. I find it more beneficial to think of your products are groups of products and don't just look at one individually. That way as you start to grow it doesn't get overly complicated.

  16. For some reason, it’s hard to get impressions on google shopping. Do you know why this is the case?

  17. If you don’t duplicate, are you suggesting just creating a new adset from scratch?

  18. Same here. I used to get CPC<$1 but now it's CPC>$3.

  19. What’s your mitigation plan? Going to call supplier to lower my order count so I can reserve more cash to do more marketing test. F*ck

  20. I had success with FB in April. Tried again this month and everything is out of control. CPM way too high!

  21. I’ve been putting all my money on fb ads for all my businesses and I will continue to do so until it doesn’t work anymore, THEN I’ll look for something else

  22. I feel you. If your ROAS is way higher on FB, why would you spend your money on other traffic sources right?

  23. Never had issues personally as I only add myself to my clients’ business manager, instead of running their ads from mine

  24. Gotcha. I don't think I'll run into issues since I'm not doing any dirty but there's always the case that they can throttle you. If you get banned temporarily, it can screw up your inventory management.

  25. Bad advice. Just because it takes you years to succeed doesn’t mean other will take that long. Passing off negative energy like this is why you’re struggling

  26. Could be in spite of. But credit to them

  27. I don’t agree with their multiple scammy looking popups. But one of them is worth modeling after

  28. If the results were disastrous with ads, your offer/page either needs work, or your ad skills need work.

  29. Oh man, so many things. I have a physical product that I produce in house, so a lot of this is pretty specific to that situation.

  30. I don’t agree with your advice. I spent money on ads since day one and made sales right off the bat. From the data, I could tell the product was going to be hard to profitable. I cycled through 5 other products before I found the right one. Building social media on day one is a waste of time if your product has no merit.

  31. Sticker mule has some deals every week. They also have great website and a team. Uprinting is good as well

  32. Since this is my first inventory, Im thinking of might skipping product packaging altogether. Yeah yeah brand building is important but I should just focus on getting the product out ASAP. Maybe after my 1000 inventory sold, I’ll revisit

  33. If you haven’t sold any yet then I wouldn’t worry. If you get consistent sales then go for it.

  34. got it got it. Lead time on boxes is also long af. Better to do it congruently when you already have inventory moving

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