1. Spitting into my mouth and make me swallow them for 1.5 hours

  2. Adults wearing frog costumes and teaches koalas ballet in the zoo

  3. A female jungle ranger with a backpack full of moaning koalas

  4. Female jungle rangers with a backpack full of koalas.

  5. if you bought this at 3SGD well you had FOMO...its been on a down trend since...if you thought it was tasty at 2SGD you would love it at 1SGD....and today its 0.91SGD....everyone is basically a BAG HOLDER if you bought this

  6. It’s really sad tho, I used to f*p to her videos alot. Her perfect lips, teeth, tongue and fingers are always turning me on idk why.

  7. Sadly no, but f*pping to her teeth and lips were the most satisfying. Hated that she deleted everything :(

  8. Thanks man, bout to make some mayonaise and ill be back

  9. I read somewhere that analysis says IF XRP holds above $1.00, it can skyrocket to $1.80.

  10. Rakuten is a trusted broker for stocks, but I’m not sure if their crypto analysis is reliable

  11. Probably some rich guy trying to disrupt the trend idk LOL

  12. Dude it’s hella common, my partner will announce “I’m gonna fart” give a bum blast and then look super self satisfied or giggle

  13. Do you inhale very hard in front of her and giggle back?

  14. Teal and orange. Color grading. It's been a trend for quite a while. Just look it up

  15. This image is from @mild.moon on Instagram (not me!)

  16. Why don’t u stop pretending that you’re not the YouTuber in the vid.

  17. Ikr man, this guy’s been self promoting and pretending to be a stranger at the same time

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