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  1. Too shy lol I just lay low and do my own thing

  2. I can understand that, I am sort of the same. If you change your mind and remember this thread , please holla at me 👍

  3. Feel free to message me if you ever have any questions :)

  4. Hey Admin, I have sent you a private message with a couple questions. If you find time I would greatly appreciate your opinion 😊 Thanks

  5. The best thing is the FEELING. I can’t explain the feeling, my son is the most important thing in my life. Prior to fatherhood, I couldn’t imagine experiencing the type of emotions I do now, I knew I would love my future kids but I didn’t realise the full effect it would have.

  6. I think he got offered more coin and better working conditions. Single lad supporting a family on a single income in Auckland… couldn’t blame him, if it was the reason.

  7. Wow, when is Ikea coming to NZ?! Those prices are way out of line with the international market. In the UK they have a 4-burner induction hob for £229. That's $460

  8. I just removed an oven like the one posted, replaced it with a Midea induction freestanding oven. $1,216.00 delivered from trade depot. It’s nothing special but the induction cooktop is awesome for temperature control.

  9. The city is 1/3rd hipsters with man buns, 1/3rd sporting fanatics and 1/3rd coffee sommeliers - This city is not in the US

  10. One of the latest Predators, obviously were able to use the name, the movie was crap and looked low budget

  11. We are going into a full level 4 lockdown from midnight tonight, majority of New Zealand will be at this level for 3 days, Auckland and the Coromandel will be at level 4 for 7 days, this could obviously change as information comes to hand. Level 4 means everyone must stay at home and only leave for essentials (groceries, doctor etc.)

  12. I dont get it, Cursor means runner in latin, Papirius Cursor was a roman general and statesman that was famous for being a very fast runner

  13. A cursor can also be an icon on the computer screen that moves based on the position of the computer mouse 🖱

  14. What about if you have a room that is facing the sun for most of the day, including till sundown and it’s always hot? But the rest of the house decent. Anything to do there? Or is that just life

  15. Usually this means the system needs air balancing so you receive more air into that area. At my home, I have Individual AC systems in each room to overcome this problem.

  16. I'm assuming when you say individual ac systems you mean those portable units that exhaust out the window?

  17. I have hi-wall AC units, they sit up on the wall and they have an outside condenser also. Just like a ducted but fitted inside the room instead.

  18. This is happening because there is idiots grouping together in public. The delta strain is going crazy in Sydney at the moment. You will love Australia, it’s honestly the lucky country! I will move back eventually… but Melbourne of course.

  19. I get way to addicted and the days/nights just disappear… now I just do the same but watch tv and look at Reddit

  20. Please explain why your feelings have changed? And how they have changed?

  21. How sad for the people of this and other countries in the same situation.

  22. In New Zealand, most people move out of their parents home around 18 years of age. I highly recommend it and don’t at the same time… my friends and I sure had a blast 💥

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