his son was getting bullied, so his dad came in

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  1. same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. friend helped get it back after i lost all hope

  2. I had the same issue a few weeks ago and asked about it here.

  3. Dad's lucky the kid didn't whack his skull on that kerb stone and die.. Had he, dad would have been up for manslaughter. Restrain don't maim.

  4. nah. defending his son sounds like a reasonable defense

  5. Companies have a right to keep a certain public image. Tarnishing that image by doing something like this is grounds for dismissal. Nothing new about it.

  6. It is what it is. I rather this punk lose his job than to think it’s ok to push his Sharia law on people minding their own business.

  7. You know you can wear bikinis at beaches here right?

  8. Ok the. send this American Taliban so where they love Sharia Law. May I suggest Afghanistan

  9. Fet typically isnt in coke unless you’re an idiot buying it off the street/not from trusted source. Fet much more prevalent w/ opioids/H. My ex fiancé OD on H; have never heard of anyone OD ing on blow but im older and know how to get good product

  10. Where do you get a test kit? Didn't even know that was a thing

  11. there is a outreach supplier in California that ships next day.

  12. Seen it too many times. to others, and personally. Teachers either don’t care and I suppose some even get a joy out of it.

  13. In prison the lowest level of fucks pretend to be holier than thou by looking down on pedos.

  14. also they’re probably projecting as always. Pretend to hate gays but they’re the most gay. pretend do hate pedos but all the pedos that get caught are old white conservatives.

  15. So get the vaccine. You are comparing getting covid and infecting other to a potential psoriasis flare up when 1) there is no evidence of that and 2) so what.

  16. He's that kind of guy that can mistake the trigger for the selfie camera button.

  17. Do you think that it’s not preventable in most cases?

  18. You don't say much my friend, but when you do it's to the point, and I salute you for it.

  19. well my 2 hens haven’t laid for a week and I don’t know wth is happening

  20. Throw some battery acid in his face, they’ll change there mind real quick. Damn i didn’t think id get this many upvotes!!!

  21. "If you eat the crust your chest will grow curly hairs" - moms

  22. Prejudiced or uninformed comment... Kudos to NWO media brainwashing...

  23. well said. Meanwhile Armenian in Los Angeles up in arms because Afghan refugees were brought to Glendale. Just because they are from a “muslim” country.

  24. Yea bruh those comments were cringe. People are forgetting Glendale is still the United States 😂

  25. haha. they are also forgetting 95% of Glendale is first or second generation refugees.

  26. Sorry for your loss, hope you are able to figure something out. Thanks for the reply.

  27. I’m actually not sure how I got it back. they said permanently disabled over and over. then suddenly it was active yesterday.

  28. No, I don't want that shit either. I don't want Pharmaceutical chemicals.

  29. the people have spoken. I’m right. you’re wrong. bye felicia.

  30. You validate yourself by other people's approval or disapproval?

  31. the people have spoken. back in the corner you go little man

  32. Yeah, Many conservatives are already holding up both the "Vote No" and "Stop the Steal" signs on highway overpasses in Orange county. Covering their bases no matter which way the recall outcome ends up.

  33. They don't want to give details because mainly it would be, "Either our shit AI or one of our morons in the "Internal Teeeeeam" fucked up here and now we can't reverse it, so we're just going to double-down and pretend it was your fault. Have a nice day. Look both ways before crossing the street. Read the policies. Please rate me after this interaction. May I offer you Facebook Blueprint? Always respect your elders. Have a great day!"

  34. That show was a wild ride. Perfect way to start lockdown. Though I do feel bad that some people watched it as a documentary because it was definitely more entertainment than information.

  35. Wow. you’re right! It did start during the lockdown but now it feels like it’s been about 5 years since I saw it.

  36. Well I don’t have such a positive outlook on humanity in general. I think most people if you did follow them around for 1 year they would be caught doing some piece of shit things. But hey what can I say the internet loves moral outrage.

  37. that’s cause you’re a piece of shit so you assume everyone else is also.

  38. he wasn’t trying to pass. he broke it on purpose there’s a video of him saying it was an old tree and “so what” etc. etc. he’s a piece of shit

  39. A few weeks ago a video got posted of a woman being kicked off a plane for having a hat on that said “fuck”. Got a condescending lecture from the Pilot(who wasn’t masked pre-vaccine) about language on his plane before he kicked her off. Zero consequences for this guy, two different worlds lol.

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