1. You can sell successfully with 1 item. There is no magic number. That said, the more items you have, the more often you'll come up in more searches. If you're the only one selling that one product, you'll have good sales as long as people are looking for it. If you're selling 1 item that has 50,000 similar items, you'll never be found.

  2. But wouldn't a store with fewer items seem less reliable or 'legit' than stores with more?

  3. All types use all of their functions all the time. Their order in the functional stack isn't so much about how "good" they are at using it but what purpose it serves.

  4. Yeah I'm defo more Ni-Ti...

  5. I don't know exactly what this involves but it sounds like something I'd like. Is it just... walking?

  6. Yes, I do. It's interesting because there's this thing where people see us as calm and collected individuals, but I just can't meditate. I'll continue to try but so far, it's just not doing anything for me. I've got probably the same level of zen that meditation is said to give through doing other tasks/activities. I feel like meditation isn't universally equally suitable for everyone. Some people benefit a lot more from it than others.

  7. It's such a strange question. Seriously. What do you mean explain this gap in your resume? Are we really expected to have zero break from work? It's so weird. It's also simply a ridiculous question in how personal it can be. It's simply none of your business what I was doing during a certain year. If I haven't claimed to work in a particular period, then don't ask me about that period.

  8. I think it's about comparing how much your view of yourself and other people's way of viewing you are in alignment. At least for me.

  9. Did I say that? I don't think I'm the one making assumptions here.

  10. So why are you telling me what you would or wouldn't be comfortable with

  11. What? 😂 In what way did I indicate I've taken anything personally...

  12. Posted this exact post before 😆

  13. I feel exactly the same way. I don't like when someone starts getting old photos out. I find it so pointless and I'm not really interested in 'memories'. Let the past stay in the past.

  14. The German word for spirit is “geist” (related to ghost) and it also means mind/intelligence. Some other translations are “The most intelligent men /…/” The word spiritual doesn’t have any transcendental connotation in Nietzsche’s vocabulary. It is something that coevolves with body as quote from Thus Spoke Zarathustra indicates:

  15. No, you have a lot of wrong assumptions here. INFP’s are notorious for not being able to decide on a career. They are paralyzed with too many interests and options and unable to commit to something that is not fulfilling.

  16. Agree with this. The part about INFPs not keeping up with trends isn't true at all. They're actually quite dominant in this area in terms of clothing, politics, culture and social issues.

  17. No. If anything, I was occasionally bullied by teachers.

  18. YES I do this too 🤠😂 It's just to mentally change things up, get things moving, y'know 😁

  19. True like there are a lot of special snowflakes in the comments boxing infjs in like infjs are very very similar to the entps "Debater" type..there are core differences but people dont get mbti is not here to box everyone in just to figure out yourself more

  20. YES I love filling out forms. I don't know why but I find it so fun.

  21. It's cool seeing how you look like after seeing a lot of your comments all around this sub :)

  22. Glad you enjoyed :) you'll be seeing much more of me in the years to come. Big plans for my channel and mbti in general

  23. I feel EVERYTHING you said here and am currently going through this problem. From experience, telling people about plans you haven't actualised yet really does ruin things. So, even though it would be nice not 'keep everything locked up', it would be foolish of me to share my plans when I know from experience of how I've previously felt and the effect on my plans when I have done so.

  24. Too much caffeine can definitely make me jittery and anxious, but I absolutely love coffee and it's not a problem usually with the amount I drink. In fact I have my own espresso machine, grinder, and I frequently try different coffees from different regions and roasters and keep notes on brewing methods I've tried with that bean and what I thought of it and generally taste profiles. So yeah, I really like coffee. It give me a general sense of well being and gives me a morning ritual I look forward to. I don't feel like I'm very dependent on coffee, like when I go camping I'll drink tea, and days where I don't have coffee, albeit rare, I don't really feel too different. A cup or two of coffee in the morning is like a warm hug than it is a kick in the pants for me.

  25. Definitely 'gives me a morning ritual I look forward to', too. It's the best thing about it for me.

  26. When somebody is around me, I always view myself from that person's point of view, and it's so exhausting. I'm working on it.

  27. YES, it's this. I can't act naturally because the person's view of me has now come inside me and invaded.

  28. I am the same way. I always listen to music in headphones, and I hate anyone looking over my shoulder when im on my computer no matter what I am looking at. Privacy is a huge issue for me, which complicates things in a family where sharing everything is expected.

  29. Same. Even when whatever I'm looking at on my laptop is completely normal I still don't like people looking. It's simply not their business.

  30. I've been told I've got doctor's writing

  31. As an INFJ, this really is how I react to things like this haha. I need to know WHY.

  32. I’ve been feeling like shit for so long that I can’t remember. Yesterday I found something I’d like to do and it will take time. Felt immediately a bit better.

  33. Thank you! This is so right. Have you read 7 Habits of highly effective people? One of the 7 Habits is “Begin with the end in mind” (knowing where you’re headed and what you want to achieve) and I think it’s sooo good for INFJs.

  34. Defo something I'd like to read

  35. "To me, Ni doms feel like internal chaos seeking external order."

  36. Yes! I feel like this too - that anything is an option.

  37. tell us about ourselves, things you notice about us, things you like about us. that should be very easy for the enfp!

  38. Politely avoidant is the perfect way to put it.

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