A plane with parachutists crashed after takeoff in Sweden. This is reported by the Reuters news agency with reference to the head of the rescue coordination center Emil Gustavsson.

It is reported that the plane was designed for skydiving. There were eight passengers and a pilot on board. The incident occurred at the airport of Örebro. The dead are reported, but the exact number of victims is still unknown.

On July 6, an An-26 plane crashed in Kamchatka. At first, he stopped communicating, and a little later his wreckage was found 3.8 kilometers from the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport. There were 28 people on board, including 6 crew members, all of them were killed. Divers began searching for bodies in the area of the crash site.

The investigation is considering three versions of what happened: unfavorable weather, a technical malfunction of the aircraft and a pilot error.

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