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Later on Kat and Martin get right into a fight with Phil in his storage, resulting in Phil trying to strangle Martin. He is then hit over the top with a wrench, and it is revealed that Stacey is the culprit, as she did it to save Martin. He is left at the backside of the pit, seemingly ‘useless’, fighting for his life. Stacey and Martin flee Walford with Lily and Hope to go on the run to evade potential arrest abandoning Arthur who stays with Kush. Stacey returns and after accusations and arguments with Martin, Martin throws her out and exposes her affair, however Stacey gains entry to the home and has the locks modified.

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Bradley makes an attempt to assist her, but she comes spherical and thinks he’s attacking her, so she punches him in the eye. Later, Bradley goes spherical to examine she is okay after he is let off by the police. Stacey, age 15, arrives in Walford in November 2004, to reside with her great-uncle Charlie Slater and adoptive grandmother Mo Harris after being thrown out by her mom, Jean. She causes bother through her promiscuous and immoral behaviour, and is shipped back residence to Jean after she makes an attempt to expose Sharon Watts and Dennis Rickman’s affair. However, she then returns to the Slaters, ultimately beginning to settle down when joined by her mom and older brother, Sean.

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Unbeknownst to Stacey, the person, Kyle Slater, also has a key like hers. When Stacey finds out Martin is planning to suggest, she says she would not wish to marry once more. He later proposes that she become his “not-wife”, so they’re dedicated however not married, and she agrees. When Lee Carter fails to accurately repair a defective electrical socket, Stacey is electrocuted. She forgives Lee, and tells Shabnam that she noticed her lifeless father Brian when she was electrocuted. When Shabnam finds the infant scan Stacey is hiding, Stacey throws her out of the flat and tears up the scan photo.

For a very long time, she was Jean’s sole carer as her older brother, Sean , had disappeared, unable to cope with Jean’s condition. Zoe SlaterStacey Slater is a fictional character from the BBC cleaning soap opera EastEnders, portrayed by Lacey Turner. She first appears in episode 2826, initially broadcast on 1 November 2004. The character is introduced as a feisty and troublesome teenager and extension to the already established Slater family.

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Stacey explains that she had intercourse with Max as she and Martin by no means have time for themselves and she or he is left to handle the home. Martin decides to make up with Stacey after talking to Ted Murray, however Stacey leaves Walford with Lily, Arthur and Hope, choosing to stay with Jean for a while. After a fuel explosion in Albert Square, Martin panics when he can’t discover Stacey and hits a police officer in confusion, leading to two weeks imprisonment.

Stacey supports Ruby via her rape ordeal and ultimately the boys liable for Ruby’s rape are charged and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Unknown to Stacey, Jean has been identified with ovarian cancer and hides this from the household. Stacey tries to assist Jean, but she runs away, though she is later found and persuaded back to Walford. Jean decides to stick with Shirley Carter and her family at The Queen Vic, despite Stacey pleading with Jean to return residence. Fearing that Jean’s most cancers will worsen, Stacey decides to contact Sean and tell him about Jean’s most cancers.

Following this, a two-hander episode was introduced for Stacey and Max, who grew to become the one person to know Stacey was the killer. Santer promised “fascinating” stories for Stacey and Max, saying that the two-hander will explore Stacey’s motives for killing Archie, and might be a take a look at for Max as the murder led to his son’s dying. The two-hander also explored the question of whether Stacey really meant to kill Archie.

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